Huang Lifeng


South China Agricultural University



Research Interest

Adversarial Learning & Deep Learning & Robustness Analytic

Education & Work

South China Agricultural University
2022.07 - Current

Working at college of mathematics and informatics.

Sun Yat-sen University
2018.09 - 2022.06

Working toward the Ph.D. degree in cyberspace security.

Sun Yat-sen University
2012.09 - 2015.07

Received the M.S. degree in computer applied technology.

Southwest Jiaotong University
2008.09 - 2012.07

Received the B.S. degree in network engineering.


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Lifeng Huang, Chengying Gao, Ning Liu. DEFEAT: Decoupled feature attack across deep neural networks. Neural Networks (NN 2022). [CCF-B/中科院1区Top] [Code]

Lifeng Huang, Shuxin Wei, Chengying Gao, Ning Liu. Cyclical Adversarial Attack Pierces Black-box Deep Neural Networks. Pattern Recognition (PR 2022). [CCF-B/中科院1区Top] [Code]

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Lifeng Huang, Chengying Gao, Wenzi Zhuang, Ning Liu. Enhance Transferable Adversarial Examples Via Self-Augmentation. Proc. International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME Oral). [CCF-B] [Code]

Lifeng Huang, Chengying Gao, Yuyin Zhou, Changqing Zou, Cihang Xie, Alan Yuille, Ning Liu. Universal Physical Camouflage Attacks on Object Detectors. Proc. IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020: 720-729. [CCF-A] [Code]

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Lifeng Huang, Chengying Gao. Automatic garment modeling from front and back images. Proc. Pacific Graphics (PG), 2014. [CCF-B]

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Chengying Gao, Lifeng Huang, A 3D virtual modeling method based on garment images, China patent, 201410398595.0, February 15, 2017, granted.

Ning Liu, Lifeng Huang, A detection method for pedestrian images based on objection detection systems, China patent, 202010331352.0, August 11, 2020, publication.